All students are required to attend at least half-time in a semester to be eligible for federal direct subsidized/unsubsidized/Parent or 研究生 PLUS student loan disbursements during that semester.

  • 本科半日制入学相当于每学期六(6)学分.
  • 研究生半日制入学相当于每学期三(3)学分.

Please check with our office BEFORE making any changes to your class schedule as any changes may affect your eligibility.


If you choose to accept all or a portion of the federal direct subsidized and/or unsubsidized loans you are offered, 你须填写另外两份电子表格,网址为 (这对研究生和本科生都适用).

Both documents are required before you will be eligible for any federal direct subsidized and/or unsubsidized loan disbursements.


  1. The parents of undergraduate students considered dependent on the current year’s FAFSA (under the age of 24)
  2. 所有研究生水平的学生

家长和毕业生PLUS贷款是基于信贷批准,需要额外的 电子PLUS贷款申请 在


  • 研究生学位/专业学生
  • 父母

所有获批准的直接加贷借款人均须填写一份 贷款协议/或然数 for a PLUS Loan under the appropriate 研究生/Professional Student or Parent of an 本科 Student section.

All federal direct student loans are optional and you are 不 required to accept all or any of the award(s) you are offered.

如果你想拒绝或减少你的经济援助计划的任何部分, 请将您的要求电邮至

The dollar amount of your Federal Pell grant is subject to change based on your enrollment status in the applicable semester.

Your eligibility for a Federal Pell Grant is based only on the information provided on the FAFSA for the current school year, ,是 每年都有变化.

 All award amounts per semester are split into two equal disbursements that pay to your Loyola student account on different dates. Students are eligible to receive half of the semester total of each award in the 第一个 session of a semester and the other half in the second session.

助学金安排在上课的第十天或之后发放, 添加/删除周期结束后, 在一个学期的每节课中.

注:我们是 能够在预定日期之前支付联邦援助资金.


学期 预定的第一次付款日期 预定的第二次付款日期
夏天的21 2021年5月26日 2021年7月14日
秋天的21 2021年9月1日 2021年10月27日
春天的22 2022年1月28日 2022年3月23日


Students are eligible to receive Federal Student Aid disbursements only in the terms and sessions in which they attend courses. 如果你没有参加任何一个获得联邦资助的学期和/或课程, any Federal Grant and/or Direct Student Loan disbursement(s) you were offered will 不 disburse to your Loyola student account. Canceled loan disbursements will 不 be included in the repayment amount of your loan or be charged interest.

Please remember that the Department of Education charges an origination fee on all Federal Direct Student Loans. This is a small percentage of the loan principal you borrow that will 不 be applied to your Loyola student account. 有关利率及收费的详情,请浏览网页 联邦学生援助利率和费用.

金融援助 refunds are 不 available before the start date of classes and 不 all students are eligible to receive a financial aid refund.


  • 你一学期修的学分/课的数量. 因为你是按学分收费的, 你的课程表决定了你在学期中需要支付的学费和杂费.
  • 你有资格获得并已接受的当前学期的经济援助金额.

所有联邦助学金和学生贷款都用于支付学费, 费用, 以及所有其他的直接电荷, 第一个. 如果你的学生账户上有多余的资金,在你的账单全额支付后, 您将在创建信用后的14天内收到退款.

我们鼓励您在洛约拉大学网站上填写在线退款申请表 在这里 或从LORA的帐户摘要页查询,以获得最快的处理时间.

Students enrolled in Loyola’s online programs are 不 able to charge textbooks directly to their student account from the University 书店.

在某些情况下, 然而, 助学金退款可以提前给学生,用于在开课前购买课本. 你可以申请退款的预付款,最高可达300美元.00在线 在这里.

You must be eligible to receive a financial aid refund in a term (see above) to receive a book advance.

Please check with our office BEFORE making any changes to your class schedule as this may affect your eligibility.

Federal 金融援助 awards offered to you are what you are eligible to receive assuming that you complete the entire period for which the aid is awarded.

学生 下降 classes prior to the end of the add/drop period in any session will 不 be charged for those dropped courses.

退课学生的经济援助奖励可能会有变化. 金融援助 awards depend on your enrollment status in the semester and changes to that enrollment status will possibly change your 金融援助 eligibility.

学生 撤回 from classes after the end date of the add/drop period are responsible for all or a portion of the tuition and 费用 charges for those classes.

在退课之后, the Office of 金融援助 is required to calculate the amount of 金融援助 a student is considered to have earned by their time spent in class. This calculation may result in Loyola being required to return a portion of the federal financial aid you have already received in the session or semester to the Department of Education. 这可能会导致你在洛约拉的欠款. 如果你有问题,请联系财政援助.

找出最后期限的放弃和撤回 校历.

虽然学生贷款是许多学生奖励计划的重要组成部分, 我们强烈鼓励所有学生负责任地借钱. 以下是一些明智的借书技巧:

  • 在所有的联邦直接学生贷款项目中,学生可以借到一定的美元限制. To ensure you will have enough remaining Federal Aid eligibility to cover the remainder of your program, you should consider the remaining cost of your program and your remaining eligibility in the Federal Student Loan programs. Our financial aid counselors can assist you in determining those costs and how to maximize your remaining Federal Aid eligibility.
  • 尽可能少地借钱来支付成本, 而且只借与教育相关的费用.
  • Consider your estimated monthly payments and don’t borrow more than you can reasonably afford to repay. 你的贷款还款额不应超过你月收入的10%.
  • 当你申请学生贷款时,你就签订了一份有约束力的合同. Defaulting on student loan debt can negatively impact your credit – and even affect your ability to get a job. 如果你无力支付每月的贷款, 立即与您的贷款服务人员联系,讨论其他还款选择.

Students receiving Federal 金融援助 are required to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards to ensure successful completion of coursework in order to continue receiving financial aid. 皇冠app官方版下载, 根据联邦法规, reviews all students’ academic records at the conclusion of each semester to determine whether each student is meeting both the qualitative and quantitative SAP requirements. Failure to meet either or both of the SAP requirements will result in a loss of eligibility for Federal 金融援助. 欲了解更多详情,请查阅我们的SAP政策 在这里.